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The Doggy Boat Ladder by Paws Aboard
Model: 5200

$228.99 $207.95 Captain's Price!
(KE) PAW 5200
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No more struggling with a wet pet and running the risk of back injury!
With the Paws Aboard Dog Ladder
 you go from this....

PawsAboard Dog Boat Ladder
to this!
PawsAboard Dog Boat Ladder

The World's Best Dog Boat Ladder Portable, Sturdy, Light-Weight, Easy to Attach, Durable, Affordable

The Doggy Boat Ladder by Paws Aboard is great for any dog you want to take out in the water. This unique dog ladder is also an excellent choice for use with arthritic, older, or overweight pets. It provides your pet an easy and stable exit from the water, reducing the risk of seriously straining or injuring sensitive joints.

The Doggy Boat Ladder by Paws Aboard is better than a traditional dog boat ramp because it is designed specifically to attach to your boat's ladder to provide your dog the easiest possible exit from the water. This new style of dog boat ladder/ramp is perfectly designed to attach to almost any boat ladder and style of boat.

Your pet will find it easy to get out of the water and back aboard with this unique boat ramp. You will find it easy to carry, install and store The Doggy Boat Ladder.

  • Portable, lightweight and durable
  • Easy to attach and remove from any boat ladder
  • Dogs Love It - Makes boating safe and fun for you and your dog. 
  • Reduces pain and strain for pets and owners
  • Measures 16 by 64 inches, and it folds in half for easy storage
The ladder/ramp is designed to provide a ramp approach to your watercraft attaching securely to the ladder of most boats.

The ladder features a slip-resistant ribbed design that's safe for all pets. The conveniently designed ramp will detach and float next to the watercraft when the boat ladder is needed for human use. This unique dog boat ramp can be attached and removed in seconds and includes a universal grip that fits almost all boat ladder designs. The Doggy Boat Ladder is rust and corrosion-proof. The highly-durable ramp washes easily with soap and water and is UV resistant.

All Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladders are of the highest quality and workmanship and built to last in all types of weather conditions. The Doggy Boat Ladder does float in water but should never be used as a floatation device. Paws Aboard ladders/ramps are not designed for human use.

Doggy Boat Ladder Instruction Manual (PDF)
(PDF instruction manual may require latest version of Acrobat Reader)

This sturdy and durable dog boat ramp is light-weight and easy to carry and store.
Great for pools too!

PawsAboard Dog Boat Ladder

Training Your Dog To Use The Doggy Boat Ladder Like A Boat Ramp

Most dogs learn how to use the Doggy Boat Ladder by Paws Aboard very quickly, because it is just like a ramp that conveniently extends below the surface of the water to reach a swimming dog's feet. Dogs naturally look for a way to get out of the water once they are done retrieving a toy, duck or completing a refreshing swim. To help in the training process here are 2 easy steps to follow:

Step #1
Once you have moved out to the water simply attach the ladder to your craft and begin enticing your pet to use the ramp by placing treats on the ladder rungs and call your  pet as he is swimming back to the boat.

Step #2
Gradually move the placement of treats up the ladder rungs until the only treat left is sitting just above the ramp on the edge of the boat. Always praise your pet for using the ladder and encourage them with verbal commands.

Once your pet feels confident in using the ladder they will start using it to exit and enter the boat on their own with little to no training needed.

Click for more training photos submitted to our Pet Portrait Gallery.

Options and Accessories
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