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Marine Navigation & Instruments - Autopilots

Next to choosing the boat itself, choosing the right autopilot can be one of the most important decisions a captain has to make. With a vast array of autopilot models and configurations to choose from, selecting the right autopilot can seem like a daunting task. Whether the need is for improved navigational accuracy, minimized fuel consumption or simply more enjoyable yachting, a properly configured autopilot provides precision steering under all sea conditions.

Use these three simple steps to help you choose your autopilot system:

Step 1: Select a Drive Unit - Know Your Boat and Your Steering System 

The first step in selecting an autopilot is selecting the proper autopilot drive unit for your vessel. Autopilot drive units, from simple cockpit tiller pilots to below deck, multi-station hydraulic systems, are available in an array of sizes and configurations to accommodate any steering type and vessel displacement. To properly select an autopilot you will need to find out the type of steering system your boat has. This may involve opening a few hatches and taking a peak at the gear, or this can be a simple as consulting your boat dealer or boat manufacturer.

Step 2: Select a Control System - sometimes called a Corepack 

Once you have determined the appropriate Drive Unit the next step is to select the brain and central nervous system of your autopilot. This "brain" or Corepack contains the course computers and fluxgate electronic compass that communicate your heading and commands to the Control Head and Drive Unit.

Step 3: Select a Control Head - the extra crewmember at your command.

The final step in the building of an autopilot system is selecting a Control Head. Here the decision is a matter of personal choice, since most control heads will offer similar levels of autopilot performance. Most autopilot control heads offer advanced features and intuitive operation. Choose the control head that best suits your needs.

13500.gif Tiller Pilots
Cockpit mounted autopilot systems for sailing vessels equipped with tiller steering.
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wheelpilot.gif Wheel Pilots
Wheel autopilot systems for power and sailing vessels up to 18,700lbs (8,500kg)
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Below Decks Rudder Pilots Below Decks Rudder Pilots
Mechanical and hydraulic autopilot systems for power and sailing vessels up to 48,500lb (22,000kg) displacement
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33672.gif Autopilot Drive Units
Mechanical and hydraulic autopilot drive units.
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33677.gif Autopilot Control Heads
Computers and control heads
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Autopilot Compass & Feedback Units
Gyros, Compasses and Rudder Feedback Units
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Raymarine ST1000 Plus Tiller Pilot
Model: A12004

$469.99 $456.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine ST2000 Plus Tiller Pilot
Model: A12005

$569.99 $553.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine Cantilever Mounting Socket
Model: D031


Raymarine SmartController
Model: E15023

$599.99 $582.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine Type 1 Pump 12V
Model: M81120

$819.99 $795.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine Type 2 Pump 12V
Model: M81121

$999.99 $970.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine Rotary Rudder Reference
Model: M81105

$264.99 $261.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine Type 2 Linear Drive - 12V
Model: M81131

$2,199.99 $2,133.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine ST4000MK2/ST4000+ Wheel Drive Only *Not A Complete Pilot
Model: E12093

$650.00 $630.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine Type 1 Linear Drive - 12V
Model: M81130

$1,899.99 $1,843.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine Type 2 Long Linear Drive - 12V
Model: M81132

$2,079.99 $2,017.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine S100 Wireless SeaTalk Autopilot Remote Control
Model: E15024

$449.99 $436.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine Type 3 Hydraulic Linear - 12V
Model: M81202

$3,099.99 $3,055.95 Captain's Price!
Qty    Special Order

Raymarine 1" Tiller Bracket f/Tiller Pilots
Model: D009

Qty    Special Order

Furuno Rudder Reference f/Outboards On Navpilot 500 & 511 Autopilots
Model: FAPAR4502

$425.00 $391.95 Captain's Price!

ComNav Commander P2 - Mono Display, Fluxgate Compass & Rotary Feedback Autopilot
Model: 10110001

$3,676.08 $3,250.95 Captain's Price!

ComNav Mariner X2 AIS Class B Transceiver w/Built-in GPS - Must Be Programmed
Model: 21410004

$689.00 $667.95 Captain's Price!

ComNav Mariner X2 AIS Class B Transceiver w/External GPS - Must Be Programmed
Model: 11410001

$740.94 $718.95 Captain's Price!

ComNav 1420 Autopilot - Rotary Feedback w/o Pump
Model: 10070024

$1,762.78 $1,559.95 Captain's Price!

ComNav 1001FC Autopilot - Fluxgate Compass w/o Pump
Model: 10040003

$3,452.42 $3,052.95 Captain's Price!
Qty    Special Order


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