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AUTOTETHER™ Wireless Lanyard for Fisherman, Sailors, and Recreational Boaters!

Equip yourself with an AUTOTETHER™ kit, a revolutionary new wireless lanyard that connects directly to the engine kill switch. Protecting the boat operator and up to 3 passengers including pets, allowing unrestricted movement about the boat.

Man Overboard Wireless Motor Shutoff

If the operator falls overboard the motor will shut off and an alarm will sound or if a passenger falls overboard the alarm will sound. For sailboats, there is

  • Simple Installation requiring no tools!
  • Sounds an alarm!
  • No more tangled lanyards!
  • Freely go anywhere on the boat!
  • Portable from boat to beach
AUTOTETHER™ is portable and is powered by standard AAA batteries that provide more than 100 hours of protection. Take it from the boat to the beach. If your child, wearing the personal sensor, strays more than 100 feet or goes in the water the alarm will sound.

AUTOTETHER™ brings boating safety to a new level.

Boating to a new level of safety:
Don’t let a runaway boat ruin your life, falling out of your boat and not being able to get back in is bad enough, the boat can continue on and crash into another vessel, causing property damage or loss of life. 

The occurrence of runaway vessels is on the rise as more people take to the water.  Last year in Connecticut an operator and his dog were thrown from their vessel after hitting a large cross wake and the boat continued down the Connecticut River for 1 ½ miles before hitting a sailboat and killing a passenger and critically injuring the other.  This accident among others is forcing boating legislators to take action on the boating laws to protect innocent victims.

Wearing the safety emergency stop lanyard is required by law in 3 states and is important for the safety of those in the vessel as well as the vessels that are around it.  When surveyed, most operators do not wear the emergency stop lanyard and admitted to leaving the helm at one time or another when the vessel was under way.  The main reason for not wearing emergency stop lanyard is that it is inconvenient by restricting movement of the operator around the helm. 

The AUTOTETHER™ Wireless Lanyard System not only eliminates the problem of inconvenience, it also allows for more than one person or pets to be connected to the emergency stop switch by wearing a wireless sensor.  Autotether prevents runaway boats by shutting off the motor as soon as the operator goes into the water or sounding an alarm if any of the other three sensors go into the water.

AUTOTETHER™ is the least expensive insurance a boat owner can purchase and offers the best piece of mind.

Attention Fishermen:
Anthony Viggiano, one of the inventors and an avid fisherman said, “Having been a fisherman most of my life, I love being out on the water, many times by myself. I can't count the times I have been trawling or just trying to hold a position in a rapidly moving current with the motor running and moving just fast enough to stay ahead of the current. When I catch a fish and would be moving to the back of the boat and thinking what if I fall in how will I get back in the boat with the motor running?”

You can be a very good swimmer and wear the best life preserver, but you can not save yourself unless you get back in the boat.  To do that, you have to stop the motor and that is what the Autotether wireless lanyard does without the restrictions of a tethered lanyard.

For fishermen if you fish alone or with friends, you need an Autotether Wireless Lanyard System.

AUTOTETHER™ wireless lanyard system is an innovation in boating safety equipment that every boater should have!  Unlike traditional lanyard kill switches that come standard with boats and require the operator to be tethered to the boat, the AUTOTETHER™ boating safety device is an unobtrusive wireless unit that clips right into the emergency stop switch (kill switch).  It operates via a radio transmitter in a personal sensor worn by a person or pet that sends radio waves to a receiver connected to the boat’s emergency stop switch.  When the sensor is submerged in water, the signal between the transmitter and the receiver is instantly broken, because radio waves do not travel through water. AUTOTETHER™ activates the emergency stop switch which stops the boat’s motor. For added safety, should the operator or a passenger notice a potential danger, he or she can push the red alert button AUTOTETHER™ on the sensor to sound an alarm and stop the boat.

AUTOTETHER™ can accommodate a total of four wireless sensors – one for the boat operator and three for additional passengers, including children and pets.  Any passenger wearing the sensor who falls overboard will signal the boat to stop with the sound of an alarm. 

AUTOTETHER™ is easy to install.  It clips right to the boat’s emergency stop switch (kill switch).  The clip is connected via a short, coiled wire to a receiver that is mounted on the boat’s dashboard using 3M advanced dual lock strips.  No wiring or tools are required.  The system is self-powered via inexpensive AAA batteries, which are supplied with the kit.  They can provide up to 150 hours of service.  An indicator light on the transmitter illuminates when it is time to change the batteries.  (Battery life is dependent upon individual boater system usage.)


AUTOTETHER™ has other benefits over existing wireless devices.  Other benefits include:

  • AUTOTETHER™ is portable and can be used on any boat or taken to the beach or pool.  You can use it to notify you when your child, wearing the AUTOTETHER™ sensor, goes into the water or strays too far from the AUTOTETHER™ receiver. 
  • More freedom than a hard-wired kill switch which requires the operator to be chained to a boat’s ignition.
  • Less hassle than old-fashioned kill switch cords that can get tangled or caught.  An operator does not need to hook and unhook from the boat’s ignition.
  • Avoids having the engine make an unexpected stop at high speed because the operator accidentally disconnected the hard-wired cord from the boat’s ignition is a dangerous condition avoided with AUTOTETHER™.
  • Hard-wired kill switches protect only the operator.  AUTOTETHER™ protects others onboard, with one receiver serving up to a maximum of four sensors.
  • AUTOTETHER™ is fail safe.

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When you buy AUTOTETHER™, what you’re really purchasing is peace of mind - something you can’t put a price on.

Order yours today. It could be a real lifesaver. Don’t start your engine without it!

AUTOTETHER™ Clips onto your boat’s kill switch - replacing the red lanyard.


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