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Bennett Marine


From jet fighters to automotive braking, hydraulic power is the preferred technology in demanding applications. Whenever performance, responsiveness and reliability are called for, Bennett’s system delivers. Bennett also offers more custom configurations than any other manufacturer.

bennett_box.jpg Bennett’s SecureEnvelope™ Design features:
  • No hoses or wires exposed to the elements
  • No electric motors underwater to cause premature failure
  • Hydraulic pump housed inside the boat in a secure, dry environment
  • Unique, non-welded, interlocking hinge that is more resistant to corrosion than spot-welded piano hinges

Bennett Advantage:

Durability is the biggest advantage of hydraulic over electric systems. Common sense tells you that electrical components are more susceptible to damage when submerged. If the O-rings inside an electric actuator fail, water will flood the actuator or if the trim tabs are left in the down position and the tabs fail, some manufacturers will not warranty this failure, claiming user neglect.

Bennett has chosen to create a system without this vulnerability so the boater doesn't have to worry.

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Hydraulic Trim Tabs
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Switches, Actuators, Power Supplies, Solenoids
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