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Sailing - Bosun's Chairs

A long-used traditional method to ascend the mast is the bosunÆs chair. This is a seat with webbing around the waist and upper thighs that is fastened to a halyard, and then the person is hoisted aloft as another crew cranks the halyard winch. A safety harness should be can be used for backup security.

  • Safe when used properly
  • Climber has freer use of hands when ascending and at work height
  • Least expensive mast-climbing system

Warning: Do not attempt to construct your own bosunÆs chair from materials at hand. Manufactured bosunÆs chairs are safe because their materials are designed to support the climberÆs weight, and they are designed so that it is virtually impossible to fall out of them.

Plastimo Pro-Comfort Bosuns Chair

MFG#: 68797



Plastimo Bosun's Chair Comfort, Padded

MFG#: P10470



Plastimo First Bosun's Chair

MFG#: 68796