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Conant Custom Brass Home & Garden Products

These heirloom-quality home and garden products are hand-assembled by Conant Custom Brass in Burlington, Vermont.

All Conant Weather Instruments are handcrafted using only the finest materials, including solid brass and copper housings, optical-quality glass and precision components. They are built to be as durable as your house and to truly enhance your view. Most thermometers are available in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. All Conant Custom Brass products have a "living finish", they develop a natural patina with age. Conant does not apply a protective coating to the surfaces of the outdoor products, because no clear coating lasts as long as the raw metal itself. Conant Custom Brass products will never peel, flake or rust like inferior products.

AhoyCaptain proudly offers:
Conant Custom Brass tube thermometers (indoor and outdoor, all mercury-free).
Conant Custom Brass dial hygrometers/thermometers ("weather stations")
Conant Custom Brass rain gauges
Conant Custom Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel hygrometers, thermometers and clocks

All Conant Custom classic home and garden products are guaranteed for life

Conant Jeffersonian Weather Collection Conant Jeffersonian Weather Collection
Artistic and functional weather instruments.
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Conant  Vermont and Champlain Collection Conant Vermont and Champlain Collection
Clean lines, classic elegance and dependable performance
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Conant Vermont Dial Collection Conant Vermont Dial Collection
Practical simplicity with timeless design
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Conant Vermont Spirit Tube Thermometers Conant Vermont Spirit Tube Thermometers
An elegant way to monitor the temperature indoors and out.
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Conant Vermont Rain Gauges Conant Vermont Rain Gauges
Want to know how much it rained? Answer that question in style!
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