Storm Insurance
Pushing the limit of seamanship can easily lead to mistakes that leave you floating helplessly and your crew shouting for help. Protect your investment. Keep changing winds, sea conditions, mechanical breakdowns, exhaustion, fatigue, illness or just the "unexpected" from taking your boat and crew by surprise. Take the helm and deploy a Fiorentino Para-Anchor before that rogue wave makes the choice for you!

Fiorentino para-anchors are best known for stabilizing a boat during storm conditions, but there are plenty of good reasons to stow one onboard every time you leave port...

1. A Chance To Rest
Get rid of seasickness and "bunk body bouncing." Give yourself and your passengers a safer, more comfortable boat ride, even in turbulent waters. A Fiorentino Para-Anchor calms the slamming motion of waves against your boat, so you can rest quietly as it correctly positions your boat for a smooth ride. Just deploy your para-anchor and you'll see very few - if any - waves break on deck.

2. Stabilize Your Boat
Maintaining boat stability is essential in turbulent waters. If your crew is forced to battle waves and intense wind, problems with exhaustion, rigging, sails, and mechanical breakdowns can occur. Deploy a Fiorentino Para-Anchor and give your crew a chance to rest. Our para-anchors also provide a safe working platform for making repairs or waiting for assistance on the water. That means working on an engine or tangled prop while rolling broadside in the trough never has to be a concern again!

3. More Timely Travel
A few hours of wet and windy weather can knock your boat off course, forcing you to spend a day or more trying to get back on track. At Fiorentino Para Anchor, we understand your need to save time and energy. We designed our para-anchors to reduce nautical mile drift by 90% during most heavy weather.

Sport fishermen use Fiorentino Para-Anchors to slow their boat speed for trolling. Snorkelers and divers use our para-anchors to create a stable diving platform. Smart kayakers and rafters include them as part of their recreational gear.

How does it work?
When a Fiorentino Para-Anchor is deployed on the windward side of your boat, the anchor rode and hardware immediately sink upon hitting the water, pulling the shroud lines out of the parachute canopy. At this point, the canopy fills with water until it submerges. It then opens like a giant jellyfish. The bow of your boat then automatically aligns itself into the wind, stabilizing your position in the water. Deploying the appropriate amount of anchor rode allows your boat and para-anchor to ride in unison on opposing waves. The end result is a safe, smooth, and comfortable boat ride!