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Icom GMDSS Portable f/Survival Craft Icom GMDSS Portable f/Survival Craft

Icom GMDSS Portable f/Survival Craft
Model: GM1600 21K

$1,100.00 $696.95 Captain's Price!
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GMDSS Portable for Survival Craft

Meets the strict environmental requirements for survival craft radio

  • The IC-GM1600 meets temperature, thermal shock, vibration and drop resistant (from 1 m height) requirements. After passing those environmental tests, the IC-GM1600 sustains 1m depth waterproof construction specified with IMO resolutions A.809(19), A.694(17) and IEC 61097-12.

Optional high capacity Lithium battery, BP-234, has superior low temperature characteristics
  • Provides more than 8 hours operating time even at -20C

(Duty cycle: Tx: Rx: Stand-by = 6: 6: 48)

Large keypad with positive button action

Wide viewing angle LCD display

Other features
  • One touch access to Channel 16 and call channel
  • Highly visible yellow colored body
  • Bright LED indicator on the top of panel
  • Optional VOX headset for on-board use

Comes with
  • Battery pack (BP224)
  • Battery pack (BP234)
  • Battery charger (BC158)
  • AC adapter (BC147SA)
  • Belt clip (MB103Y)
  • Antenna (FAS61V)
  • Neck strap
  • Owner's manual
  • Warranty: 3 years

Options and Accessories
Product SKU Captain's Price Options Qty
Icom AC Adapter
(CW) 10157
Icom Ni-Cad Battery f/M2, M32 & GM1600
(CW) 10158
Icom 220V AC Adapter
(CW) 25491
Icom HM-167 Speaker Mic - Waterproof
(CW) 33622
Icom Lithium Battery Pack 3300mAh f/GM1600 & GM1600K
(CW) 39429
Icom DC Power Cable f/Single Unit Rapid Chargers
(CW) 53694
Icom 110V AC Adapter f/Rapid Chargers
(CW) 53697
Icom PC To Handheld Programming Cable w/RS-232S Connector
(CW) 53703
Icom PC To Handheld Programming Cable w/USB Connector
(CW) 53704
Icom Nylon Chest Pack
(CW) 53708
Icom Swivel Belt Clip
(CW) 53717
Icom Swivel Belt Hanger
(CW) 53719
Icom DC Power Cable f/BC121N or BC197 Gang Chargers
(CW) 53720
Icom 110V Power Supply f/BC121N & BC197 Gang Chargers
(CW) 53728
Icom 220V Power Supply f/BC121N & BC197 Gang Chargers
(CW) 53729
Icom 12V Cigarette Lighter Cable
(CW) 53739
Icom Earpiece Headset f/M72, M88 & GM1600
(CW) 53740
Icom Headset w/Boom Mic f/M72, M88 & GM1600
(CW) 53741
Icom Earphone w/Throat Mic Headset f/M72, M88 & GM1600
(CW) 53742
Icom Alligator Belt Clip f/GM1600 - Yellow
(CW) 53778
Icom Charger Adapter f/GM1600
(CW) 53779
Icom Desktop Trickle Charger f/GM1600 & M90
(CW) 53780
Icom Headset Adapter f/M72 & GM1600 To Use HS94, HS95 & HS97
(CW) 53781
Icom Standard Antenna f/GM1600
(CW) 53783