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LED Cabin & Deck Lights

Save power and maintenance with our NEW HIGH POWERED LED OVERHEAD LIGHTS!


AhoyCaptain is offering an exciting new range of extremely bright flush mount LED Ceiling Lights which will allow builders and owners to quickly and easily install or replace wherever it’s required.

These slim, anodized aluminum units, typically measuring of Ø9.5cm (3.74 in) diameter and only 25mm (0.98 in) depth, contain 3 LED’s which produce enough light output so it’s adequate to read by.

Because of their size it’s easy to replace your old halogen lights. Just widen the hole power the wires and fit the light into the old place of the halogen light. No screws required as the light keeps themselves fastened with spring clips.

When installed the light is almost as flat as your ceiling. The light only sticks out 1mm which is a big benefit on your boat.

Two beam angles and two color light output are available. 15° Spot - with warm white LED’s, or 45° Floodlight - with warm white or red LED’s. This means that these slim ceiling lights can also be used for low level illumination which won’t destroy your night vision with the red color.

Current consumption is minute and the heat generated is minimal, another plus when fitting LED’s into confined spaces. Lamp life is an amazing over 70.000 hours (beware, however, this only applies to lamps of this high “quality”, not to all LED’s). So if you wanted to you could turn the lights on when you installed them and never turn them off again! It also means that leaving a few lights on as a “security” measure or to light your path back on board is now practical.

As flat as your ceiling

Elegant Impression

  • No replacement required, lifetime over 50,000 hours
  • Simple "snap in" installation
  • 10V to 30V-DC powered
  • Saves power only 3 Watt power consumption
  • Small dimensions only Ø9.5cm (3.74 in) and 25mm (0.98 in) depth
  • Warm White available in 15° Spot or 45° Floodlight
  • Red available in 45° Floodlight only
  • Suitable for use with dimmers
  • Available in Aluminum, Chrome Plated and Brass Plated housing
  • Waterproof IP68

Spring tab installation.

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Mast LED Cabin & Deck Light 15? Spot, White

Mast LED Cabin & Deck Light 45? Flood, Red

Mast LED Cabin & Deck Light 45? Flood, White