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Poli Glow Fiberglass Hull Restorer

Poli Glow Fiberglass Hull Restorer

Poli Glow is a new concept in boat polish, it is a clear coat, not a wax. As fiberglass ages, UV rays change the gelcoat finish, microscopically pitting it so light rays are scattered randomly rather than being reflected in one direction. The result is a dull, faded, hull that only looks good when it gets wet. Poli-Glow restores the shine. It is easily applied with no rubbing or buffing, just wipe on. It will not wash off with soap and water, and lasts for 12 months.

Poli Glow works on Boats, Canoes, Airplanes, Motorhomes, Painted Metals, Painted Fiberglass, Rubber Vinyl Lettering.

See a demo of Poli Glow Fiberglass Restorer
Poli Glow The complete kit includes enough products for a 32' boat:

32 oz. Poli Glow
32 oz. Poli Prep
7" Applicator
2 Scrubby Pads

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Here's what Practical Sailor had to say about Poli-Glow Fiberglass Hull Restorer:
Poli-Glow, with an original gloss of 15, provided the best gloss of the do-it-yourself products. After a year, the gloss dropped to 2, the same as New Glass. This still represents a considerable improvement in appearance over a product that scored zero. Poli-Glow’s stripper removed the year-old coating easily. The panel section that had not been stripped was given three maintenance coats of Poli-Glow, and achieved a creditable gloss of 11; the stripped and re-coated section produced a gloss of 13.
Product Size Price/Kit Price/Restorer Ease of Application Ease of Stripping Initial Gloss Rating Gloss after 12 months
Microshield n/a n/a* --- n/a n/a 24 15
Sea Breeze 16.9 oz. $35.60 15.10 Fair Excellent 2 0
Vertglas 16 oz. $69.95 $26.95 VeryGood Excellent 6 1
New Glass 32 oz. n/a $40 VeryGood Excellent 12 2
Sea Glass 35.2 oz. $107.60 $39.95 Good Excellent 1 0
TSRW 32 oz. $52.90 $39.95 VeryGood Fair 3 1
Higley 32 oz. $45.00 $35.00 VeryGood VeryGood 5 0
Poli Glow 32 oz. $59.95 $38.95 VeryGood Excellent 15 2
Reprinted from Practical Sailor Copyright © 1998 Belvoir Publications, Inc.

Product SKU Captain's Price Options Qty
Poli Glow Complete Kit
Poli Glow Polish 32oz
(PG) PG32
Poli Glow Prep Concentrate 32oz
Poli Glow Applicator