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Shockles Dock Line Snubbers

Call it what you will—heavy-duty tie-down or "Bungee Cord on Steroids"—the SHOCKLE is the first real improvement in shock-cord design since…. well….since ever.

Every boat owner, kayaker, RV'er and outdoorsman knows that shock and chafe can quickly destroy almost anything, often creating dangerous situations at the worst possible moment. The sudden loading of rigging and hardware on a boat can often spell disaster. Over time bolts, cleats, shackles, lines, blocks, chain and pulleys can weaken and break due to continuous shock loading while in use. A SHOCKLES will keep a strong, constant pressure on whatever you attach it to. The SHOCKLES patented design reduces sudden impacts to your tackle and rigging thereby preserving the life of all your boat's components. Use a SHOCKLE anywhere you need a strong, secure tie-down where you want to keep constant tension on your load.

Shockles are also great for camping: rig them on your tent or awning guy lines. If someone trips over the line, it won’t rip the tent. In strong winds the Shockle will absorb a gust instead of tearing the peg out of the ground. Use a Shockle to tie down tarps, hold down chairs, secure trashcan lids, tension a loose line—anywhere you want to clip something so it won’t get away.

Shockles are tough...

SHOCKLES are made from aircraft-grade elastomer, 5,000lb test nylon webbing with a fully anodized marine-grade aluminum carabineer on each end.
SHOCKLES come in different flavors for different applications. miniSHOCKLES replace the traditional bungee cord but with a 600lb load rating.  The original SHOCKLES come in Force/2 and Force/3 with a 2,500lb breaking strain for heavy duty jobs, SHOCKStraps are designed as the ultimate tie-down and FenderFriend is the perfect way to keep your fenders in check no matter how much you “rock n roll”. All SHOCKLES are available in a variety of lengths and colors and are fully guaranteed for 5 years.

SHOCKLES Line Snubber
Model: 33

Take the stress off your deck hardware and dock lines by rigging a SHOCKLES on your dock line.

SHOCKLES - Anchor Snubber
Model: 2420

Take the stress off your anchor, windlass, and boat by rigging a SHOCKLES Anchor Snubber on your anchor chain.

SHOCKLES - LineGrabber 2-Pack
Model: 402

Create an instant attachment point anywhere on any line.