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Jabsco Portable Toilets

Jabsco is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of small craft marine toilets

AhoyCaptain understands the importance of keeping the environment clean and free from waste. However it is unfortunate that there is no internationally accepted legislation to guide us on how to deal with the waste from our toilet systems. For this reason AhoyCaptain have produced this guide which details the four most common ways of dealing with toilet waste. It is important to note that your choice of system may be governed by your own national and local rules and regulations.

Toilet with loop

Holding tank with loop

tank with pump out

full system with pump out

Option 1:
Discharge waste directly into a non-restricted area of water using the toiletÆs own pump and an anti-siphon loop.
Option 2:
Collect waste in an on-board holding tank so that it can be discharged later when you are in un-restricted waters using an electric or manual pump.
Option 3:
Collect waste in an on-board holding tank for discharge later to a Shore Station using a dockside suction pump or portable utility pump.
Option 4:
A combination of Option 2 and 3 to give you the flexibility of discharging waste wherever most convenient and without risk to the