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Dorade Boxes, Cowls and Accessories

What is a dorade box? In simple terms, a dorade box, or collector box, is intended to extract water from air intakes leading into the engine or other compartment. Although sizes and shapes vary from boat to boat, the principle is always the same. The Dorade Box is a single chamber system with a baffle between the intake air supply and the interior space-air feed. The baffle helps keep smaller water droplets from being carried through by the incoming air. As a result, most of the water ingested through the air intake drops to the bottom of the box and is drained away, either through weepholes onto the deck, into the bilge, overboard through a dedicated vent above the waterline, through the hull, or to a sump, to be automatically pumped overboard.

This ventilation system was named after the yacht Dorade, which was designed, navigated, and sailed by American naval architect James Stephens. The Dorade was the winner of the 1931 Transatlantic and Fastnet races.

Helpful Hints for Installing Dorades
How to Install Dorade Guards

Build a custom dorade installation in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:
Start with a dorade box.

Solid Teak Dorade
Solid Teak Bodega Fiberglass
(No longer available)
Monterrey Fiberglass
(No longer available)
ABS Plastic

Step 2:
Next choose one of our stylish cowl vents.  

Round Cast Stainless Steel Cowl Vent 1303B.jpg Round Brass Cowl Vent Teardrop Cast Stainless Cowl Vent Low Profile Stainless Cowl Vent
Round Cast Stainless Round Cast Bronze Round Sheet Stainless Teardrop Cast Stainless Low Profile

Step 3:
Add any of these accessories to complete your custom dorade system.

Custom Cowl Guards Guard Sockets Vents