Pets Aboard

The perfect boating mate has been found: one who never speaks back, obeys your every command, worships at your feet and showers you with affection. This crew member is alert and protective, takes up very little space on board and does not hog the sodas and potato chips.

Furry, four-footed crewmates, from dogs and cats to pet pigs, are often a big part of the boating experience. And whether it's a perfectly coifed poodle on board a motor yacht or a rambunctious schipperke patrolling the decks of a sloop, pets are one thing boaters are passionate about. For extended cruises, an animal's companionship can be invaluable and for kids, an extra playmate just adds to the fun of going out in the boat.

That's why at AhoyCaptain we believe that your pet is valued member of your family and there's no reason they should be left back at the dock. We offer a full line of high quality, innovative and easy to use products with you, your boat and your pet's safety, comfort and performance in mind.