AhoyCaptain.com, online since 1999, is a family-owned marine retailer. We offer our customers personalized service, the top brand-names in the industry, and the best possible prices. As boaters ourselves, we use most of the products we sell; we understand the difference between what a boater wants and what a boater needs, we offer products that satisfy both the necessary and the desirable.

Our Mission is to provide high-quality marine products at a fair price while sharing the knowledge gained from 10 years of live-aboard cruising.

Why shop with us? AhoyCaptain.com is not just another online retailer. We are sailors who share your passion for boating. The people behind this website have years of experience outfitting, upgrading and maintaining boats - both power and sail. We are power boaters, racers, offshore sailors and salty cruisers. We sail every weekend on the same waters that you do, and we use the equipment that we will later recommend to you. We have firsthand experience with most of the products for sale on AhoyCaptain.com. We know what works, and what doesn't, and we are glad to share that knowledge with our customers.

We are also marine-industry veterans who understand the importance of customer service before and after the sale. We have spent the last 10 years developing close relationships with both our customers and suppliers, and if you have a question we'll use those relationships to help you find the answer.

That's what we're all about......