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Outdoor - De-icers

De-icer water agitators are designed to prevent the formation of damaging ice in marinas and harbors.
De-Icers circulate the water from beneath your vessel to the surface, causing turbulence that reduces or eliminates ice formation. De-Icers can even move water from a deeper channel, if necessary, to a shallower area where your boat is moored, and protect docks from "ice jacking" by preventing the formation of solid sheets of ice. De-Icers are designed to be suspended by two or more lengths of line, pipe, or chain, and can be hung from a vessel, dock or other flotation device. If hanging is impossible, de-icers can be submerged onto a platform but care must be given to allow sufficient distance between the unit and the bottom surface.

Tecnoseal De-Icer Aerator Anode - .63" Shaft - Zinc
Model: TKA01


Tecnoseal De-Icer Aerator Anode - 0.50" Shaft - Zinc
Model: TKA02