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Downriggers - Manual

Despite the numerous advantages of electric units, manual downriggers still have a useful niche, especially for anglers who fish from a small boat. Manual rigs are more compact, and they do get the job done adequately. For the most part, small boats are used in freshwater, or close inshore in saltwater where the depths will not dictate running out and retrieving a lot of cable. Manual downriggers are also more compact, and portable, which makes them ideal for fly-in trips or use on rental boats.

Cannon Lake-Troll Manual Downrigger
Model: 1901250


Cannon Mini-Troll Manual Downrigger
Model: 1901200


Scotty 1050 Depthmaster Compact Manual Downrigger
Model: 1050DPR

$196.99 $166.95 Captain's Price!

Scotty 1060 Depthking Manual Downrigger w/Rod Holder
Model: 1060DPR

$234.99 $198.95 Captain's Price!

Scotty 1071 Laketroller Clamp Mount Manual Downrigger
Model: 1071DP


Scotty 1080 Strongarm 24 Manual Downrigger w/Rod Holder
Model: 1080DPR

$298.99 $252.95 Captain's Price!

Scotty 1085 Strongarm 30 Manual Downrigger w/Rod Holder
Model: 1085

$311.49 $262.95 Captain's Price!

Scotty 1091 Telescoping 60 Longarm Combo Manual Downrigger w/ Swivel Base
Model: 1091

$422.49 $356.95 Captain's Price!