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Dynamic Dollies - Dollies

Dynamic Dollies make boating more pleasurable, providing a problem-free way of moving your boat in and out of the water, and to store it safely when not in use. Dynamic Dollies offer a complete line of launching dollies to fit the vast array of dinghies, kayaks, boards, and other water craft.

All Dynamic Dollies are manufactured to be completely corrosion-proof and maintenance free:

  • Tough, UV-protected, injection-molded ,through-bolted, plastic joint components
  • 1 1/2″ square structural-grade, anodized aluminum with boat-friendly round corners
  • Delrin ball bearings in wheel hub result in easy rolling on rough surfaces or deep sand
  • Strong, 3” non-stretch, polyester sling
  • Proudly made in the USA. 
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Noticeably light! Breaks down easily to fit in a car trunk. Comes as a kit that assembles quickly.


Find your Boat and dolly type here:

If you do not see your boat in the list above, contact us and we will design the right dolly for you.

Dynamic Dollies, Type 1
Model: (DD) Type 1

(DD) Type 1

Dynamic Dollies, Type 2
Model: (DD) Type 2

(DD) Type 2

Dynamic Dollies, Type 3
Model: (DD) Type 3

(DD) Type 3

Dynamic Dollies, Type 4-1
Model: (DD) Type 4-1

(DD) Type 4-1

Dynamic Dollies, Type 4-2
Model: (DD) Type 4-2

(DD) Type 4-2

Dynamic Dollies, Type 5
Model: (DD) Type 5

(DD) Type 5

Dynamic Dollies, Type 7
Model: (DD) Type 7

(DD) Type 7

Dynamic Dollies, Type 9
Model: (DD) Type 9

(DD) Type 9

Dynamic Dollies, Type 10
Model: (DD) Type 10

(DD) Type 10

Dynamic Dollies, Type 15
Model: (DD) Type 15

(DD) Type 15

Dynamic Dollies, Type 18
Model: (DD) Type 18

(DD) Type 18

Dynamic Dollies, Type 23
Model: (DD) Type 23

(DD) Type 23