Electromaax is a leading manufacturer of energy recovery DC RO watermakers with a long history in the industry. The use of renewable energy sources (solar, wind) and high-output alternators has become increasingly prevalent with boating enthusiasts and particularly among serious cruisers.

In response to this growing trend, Electromaax developed a high-output RO watermaker that utilizes minimal energy while producing high-quality drinking water through the use of advanced 21-inch membranes. This innovative solution addresses the growing demand for efficient and reliable water-making systems that are powered by renewable energy sources.

The Electromaax Solarmaax uses the latest Enhanced hydraulic Clark Pump intensifier and energy recovery device that sets a new industry standard for maximum efficiency. By using a low-pressure feed pump, the Clark Pump can provide the necessary pressure for reverse osmosis to occur while consuming up to 75% less energy than previous conventional systems. It recycles the energy and boosts the low-pressure feed water up to 800 PSI (55 Bar). The Clark Pump is made of modern composites and engineered plastics, ensuring long-lasting, reliable performance. Military grade Titanium components utilized in critical areas allow for higher pressure resulting in higher output.

The Electromaax Solarmaax is very easy to install and maintain both electrically and mechanically even for the newbie do-it-yourselfer. It is super light weight, compact, requires no proprietary consumables and is hands-down the quietest watermaker on the market.