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Indirect Lighting

Dress up your boat, motorcycle, truck, RV or just about ANYTHING with our Flexible Strip Lighting. Use them for Christmas lights, Halloween, weddings - you name it somebody has tried it.


Extremely low profile flexible Incandescent and LED strip lighting in Cool White, Warm White, Red and Blue.

Our Flexible Strip Lights are 100% Waterproof and completely bendable to any shape. Make your boat stand out from the crowd and add safety as well. Add Flexible Strip Lights down your steps to the cuddy, or around your bed for mood lighting.

Choose from our selection of Flexible Strip Lights

LEDROPEL.jpg LED Rope Lighting
For the ultimate in bulb life with miniscule amp draw
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Flex_LED_Tape_group.jpg Flexible LED Strip Tape
Low profile and flexible LED strip encased in clear epoxy
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incandescent_rope_lights.jpg Incandescent Rope Lighting
3/8" Incandescent Strips for 12VDC, 24VDC and 120VAC
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ILSPCI121207.jpg Intervolt DC Power Conditioners
Peace-of-mind when connecting sensitive, expensive, high-end electronic equipment
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Rope Lighting Components Rope Lighting Components
Components for our 3/8" rope lighting.
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