Whether sailing solo or fully crewed, operating on the foredeck in most conditions requires extra attention and safety precautions. They are essential gear for keeping crew aboard the boat. They must be extremely strong, both along their length and at the attachment points, yet allow maximum freedom of movement for crewmembers harnessed and tethered to them. To ensure your jacklines remain strong, they should be replaced after every two years cumulative outdoor exposure.

Plastimo Jacklines are made of polyester webbing that doesn't roll underfoot like round rope jacklines do. And they're gentle on your boat, too. Mount your jackline attachment points through the deck, with backing plates, as far inboard as possible. Width: 1.2" (30mm). Breaking strength: 4,400lb (2000DaN). Both ends are finished with 1.5" (38mm) flat loops sewn in. Hardware not included. White or yellow, in 5 lengths. Sold in pairs. Tether not included.

Wichard Jacklines are made from Military Spec Type 18 1'' high visibility yellow nylon flat webbing with a breaking strength of 6000 lbs. Wichard jacklines are available in three lengths 35', 45', 55' and can be purchased with 2326 carbine hook stitched on or with plain looped ends.

We also offer the Wichard Double jackline which simplifies set up with a centerline attachment point featuring a 2326 carabiner attached to twin port and starboard jacklines with two plain ends to tie off to stern cleats.

The single jacklines are available with carabiner Hook at one end and plain at the other, or sewn 10" Loop at one end and plain at the other. All jacklines are YELLOW. Single jacklines are exactly that - ONE JACKLINE. Order two for a pair.