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Weems & Plath Electric Lamps & Lanterns

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We're proud to offer this selection of traditional electric lamps and lanterns from Vermont Lanterns, Den Haan Rotterdam and Weems & Plath. Each lamp and candlestick is designed and handcrafted using models and tools dating back to the end of the 19th century. Den Haan lamps are known worldwide for their distinct look and many are exact replicas of old models. Foresti & Suardi are fine line of unique and beautiful nautical brass lamps. Weems & Plath and Vermont Lanterns lamps and lanterns are high quality and economical with solid brass construction and lacquered finishes for a lifetime of enjoyment.

DHR Electric Anchor Light, 5" Glass
Model: 8604/E

$434.99 $369.99 Captain's Price!

DHR Electric Side Light, Green, 4" Glass
Model: 8311G/E

$429.99 $365.99 Captain's Price!

DHR Electric Side Light, Red, 4" Glass
Model: 8311R/E

$429.99 $365.99 Captain's Price!

DHR Electric Bi-Color Light, 4" Glass
Model: 8412/E

$457.99 $389.99 Captain's Price!

Foresti Oval Brass Bulkhead Light
Model: 2035B

$162.99 $131.99 Captain's Price!

Foresti Gimbal Electric Lamp
Model: 2026

$221.99 $167.99 Captain's Price!

Weems and Plath Commercial Grade Chartlite - Electric
Model: (WP) S1400ChartLight - Group

Chart Light
Model: 31200

$168.99 $137.99 Captain's Price!

Electrifying your E.S. Sorensen Oil Lamp
Model: (WP) ESConversion - Group