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Mantus Marine


Mantus Marine (formerly known as Mantus Anchor) was founded in 2012.

The Mantus Anchor is a multipurpose, high-performance, new generation boat anchor. Over the last decade, tests performed by Cruising World, Practical Sailor, Sail and PMY magazines proved that new-generation type boat anchors outperform the traditional designs. Designed to set in very hard or grassy bottoms, The Mantus Boat Anchor has been extensively tested against the competition and will provide you with the best performance, guaranteed. No other boat anchor on the market can set as rapidly, reliably and securely.

Since their founding, Mantus Marine has continued to introduce other exceptional, high-performance and durable products (as shown below).

Mantus is the best choice for your primary boat anchor and related accessories.

mantusanchor.jpg Mantus Galvanized Anchors

mantusanchor.jpg Mantus Stainless Steel Anchors

Mantus Chain Hook Mantus Chain Hooks

swivel Mantus Stainless Steel Anchor Swivel

bridle.jpg Mantus Bridles