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m4.jpg Mobri M-4 Radar Reflector

Mobri M-4 Radar Reflector

MFG#: M-4

$159.95 $134.95 Captain's Price!
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Proven superior, named best Radar Reflector by US Coast Guard ... the standard by which all other reflectors are measured

Designed for use on powerboats

Mobri Radar Reflectors are compact, multi-angular, passive (no power supply) radar reflector trusted by professional mariners around the world for maximum radar visibility in all kinds of weather.

Mogens Pederson designed the Mobri Radar Reflector in the late 70's. His extensive research led to a prototype release in 1980. This prototype was tested by fishermen and yachtsmen in Denmark against other leading radar reflectors. There was a significant difference in the range and strength of the Mobri Reflector over all others tested. This research and testing was later confirmed by the Admiralty Research Department in England. The tests showed that a standard corner reflector has a cross-section (a widely-used method for measuring radar reflectors) of just 0.4m2; the Mobri has a cross-section of over 2m2. This translates to a range of up to 3 nautical miles.

In 1998, the US Coast Guard completed an 18-month study of radar reflectors. Their goal was to find the best reflector for use in the new recycled plastic channel markers to be used in all US channels. The Mobri S-2 model was chosen over all others. The US Coast Guard still specifies Mobri Radar Reflectors as the internal radar reflectors for all unlighted buoys.

The S-2 and S-4 models are designed to be positioned high in the rigging of sailboats. They can be permanently mounted to a shroud or backstay or be hoisted on a flag halyard. Its compact shape offers little wind resistance, does not interfere with the sails, is lightweight, durable and doesn’t make noise moving around. The best performance is achieved when the Mobri Radar Reflector is mounted in a vertical position as high as possible above the deck in the shrouds away from the "shadow" of the mast. A minimum of 13 ft. (4m) is recommended. The 40 aluminum reflecting surfaces are arranged at 90 degrees and staggered at 45 degrees at varying angles to each other to produce a very stable return on opposing boats’ radar screens. For sailboats venturing offshore, we recommend two units mounted on port and starboard to allow for heal.

The M-2 and M-3 model are designed for use on powerboats. The mounting brackets allow for easy removal when the reflector is not in use. The best performance is achieved when the Mobri Radar Reflector is mounted in a vertical position as high as possible over the deck. It should be mounted on the coach roof, targa or a tuna tower, away from the "shadow" of other equipment such as antennas.

No matter what your vessel looks like, make sure you can be "seen" with Mobri's unique, low windage, noiseless, chafe-free and light-weight reflector.

Mobri S-2 2"x23" 13 oz.
Mobri S-4 4"x23" 31 oz.
Mobri M-2 2" x 23" w/bracket 17 oz.
Mobri M-3 4" x 15" w/bracket 27 oz.
Mobri M-4 4" x 23" w/bracket 33 oz.