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Muir Anchor Windlasses

Muir: a dominant force for innovative anchoring technology and dependability.
Since 1968, Muir has been recognized as an industry leader in anchoring systems worldwide. Muir windlasses and anchoring systems rest on the decks of many of the world’s largest and most respected production-built vessels. Utilizing the most advanced technologies, Muir technicians and engineers have developed systems to suit the pleasure craft, luxury mega yacht and commercial vessel market. Muir systems are manufactured with only the finest quality marine grade materials and components. Heavy duty electric motors are series-wound for greater power, faster retrieval and increased dependability. Smaller windlasses incorporate permanent magnet motors. All models feature stainless steel shafts, bronze gears and cone clutches, along with chrome plated bronze chain gypsies.

With their superior performance and durability, Muir products have become popular with high speed ferries, military craft, workboats as well as high quality yacht builders When you invest in a Muir windlass, you gain access to the most extensive service network and global support team in the marine industry.

A Muir anchoring system is an investment in security and peace of mind.

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Muir Horizontal Powered Windlasses Muir Horizontal Powered Windlasses
The powerful range of electric (12/24VDC)and hydraulic horizontal windlasses provides the perfect alternative to vertical models for all recreational, commercial and fishing vessels up to 82 feet.
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muir/MVRC0600R12E.jpg Muir Vertical Powered Windlasses
Electric (12/24VDC) and hydraulic anchor windlasses with motors and gearboxes below decks with or without rope capstans. Most feed rope/chain or all-chain rode through deck via integral deckpipes.
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MVMCH500.jpg Muir Vertical Manual Windlasses
Not everyone needs or wants power, so the Manual Vertical series is designed with those in mind. Suited for vessels up to 39 feet.
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capstan.jpg Muir Vertical Capstans
Reliable heavy duty operation for mooring, warping and anchoring for all recreational and commercial applications.
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devils_claw.jpg Muir Accessories