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ucm1-3.5-2.jpg NextGen Ultra Compact Marine 3.5kW

NextGen Ultra Compact Marine 3.5kW
MFG#: UCM1-3.5


$9,325.00 $6,795.00 Captain's Price!
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Traditional direct-coupled 1,800 rpm gen-sets are often too large and heavy to fit in many small to medium-sized vessels where space is at a premium. Using a patent-pending design, Next Generation Power Engineering, Inc. offers an ultra-compact, lightweight 3.5KW diesel machine that doesn't resort to the current trend of high speed 3,600 rpm operation.

A rigid engine-to generator attaching plate, combined with a state-of-the-art helical style timing drive system, permits a lower rpm operation. This allows the engine to run at a comfortable and quiet mid-range speed of 2,800 rpm, while still providing an AC output of 60 Hz. The 7 hp Kubota single-cylinder diesel engine uses a horizontal design, making the UCM1-3.5 the lowest profile gen-set built to date.  Dimensions are 28'' long x 15'' wide x 15'' high at a dry weight of only 160 lbs.

Many small gen-sets can't run air conditioners and motors due to their low horsepower and marginally-sized generators. This gen-set uses a heavy duty 5.0KVA generator end, allowing easy starts on up to 16,000 BTU air conditioners or pairs of smaller AC units.

The UCM1-3.5 is available in a standard version or in a modified configuration that is Ignition Protection Certified for use in gasoline powered vessels. Diesel gen-sets in gas boats are becoming more popular as generator manufacturers are dropping their gasoline lines due to safety and liability concerns. With a 5-10 gallon auxiliary tank, owners of gasoline boats can now enjoy the safety, reliability and fuel economy of diesel at about the same price as current gas gen-sets.



  • Cupro - Nickel Heat Exchanger
  • Unit mounted self priming impeller pump
  • Stainless steel water cooled exhaust mixer
  • Air Cleaner/lntake silencer
  • Oil pressure & water temperature safety shutdown
  • Extra wide timing drive system
  • 12 volt electric fuel pump
  • Extra resilient four point isolation mounts
  • “Easy Drain” oil change system removable/cleanable oil filter
  • Front side service
  • Marine grade tinned wire
  • Fuel filter
  • Main breaker
  • Beltguard
  • Remote start panel with hour meter and harness
  • ~ Standard unit includes Panel, 10ft harness
    ~ Enclosure unit includes Air Extraction Blower

Ultra Compact Marine 3.5kW Specifications (PDF)
Ultra Compact Marine 3.5kW Owner's Manual (PDF) (approximately 500k)

Options and Accessories
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NextGen Extension Harness - 30'

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