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Outdoor - Night Vision

Night-Time Surveillance 

Night vision technology enables you to see objects clearly at night at distances of up to several hundred yards in the absence of any artificial light.  People, buildings, vehicles and details of the landscape viewed through a modern night vision system appear almost as if illuminated while the same objects viewed with a naked eye would appear only as indistinct shadows (or won't be visible at all).

In order to understand how any night vision devise works compare it to a video camera but a very special one, with an extremely high sensitivity to light.   All night vision systems provide  the viewer with electronically enhanced viewing.  When you use a night vision scope, you are not actually viewing the scene before you, but instead you are viewing a video image of that scene.  The heart of any night vision system is an image intensifier tube. More...



Night Detective ND-BQ5M Night Vision Binoculars
Model: ND-BQ5M

$589.00 $519.00 Captain's Price!

Night Detective ND-BQ3M Night Vision Binoculars
Model: ND-BQ3M

$499.00 $459.00 Captain's Price!

FLIR Camera Carrying Pouch f/ Ocean Scout Series
Model: 4126884


FLIR Rigid Camera Case f/Ocean Scout Series - Yellow
Model: 4126885


FLIR Floating Wrist Lanyard f/Ocean Scout Series - Orange
Model: 4127305


FLIR Rigid Camera Case f/First Mate Cameras & Accessories - Yellow
Model: 4116650

$249.00 $123.95 Captain's Price!

FLIR Standard 2nd Station Kit f/M Series
Model: 500-0394-00


FLIR Hard Carrying Case f/BHM Series Camera & Accessories
Model: 4125400

$210.00 $206.95 Captain's Price!

FLIR Soft Camera Case f/BHM Series Camera
Model: 4125401

$125.00 $124.95 Captain's Price!

FLIR Deluxe 2nd Station Kit f/M Series
Model: 500-0393-00


FLIR Ocean Scout 240 NTSC 240 x 180 Handheld Thermal Night Vision Camera - Black
Model: 432-0008-22-00S

$1,999.00 $1,959.95 Captain's Price!

FLIR Ocean Scout 320 NTSC 320 x 240 Handheld Thermal Night Vision Camera - Black
Model: 432-0009-22-00S

$2,499.00 $2,436.95 Captain's Price!

FLIR Free Standing Mount
Model: R70375


FLIR Ocean Scout TK NTSC 160 x 120 Handheld Thermal Night Vision Camera - Black
Model: 432-0012-22-00S

$599.00 $587.95 Captain's Price!