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Oceanair Parts & Spares


AhoyCaptain is the US Parts Distributor for Oceanair. We offer a full range of spare parts and replacement products for blinds that may have suffered from general wear and tear or accidental damage.

Note the Job ID and Customer Part Number on your product sticker and follow our online guide to find your spare part. Alternatively, email a photograph of the part/product to or simply describe it to us in an email.

Oceanair Product Sticker

BSH Parts - 1995-Present - Oceanair Skyshade Bigshade
CSH Parts - 2010-Present - Oceanair Cabinshade
CSS Parts - 1999-2008 Parts - Oceanair Concealed Skyscreen MK1
HSH Parts - 1993-2004 - Oceanair Hatchshade MK1
HSH2 Parts - 2002-Present - Oceanair Hatchshade MK2
PB2 Parts - 1995-Present - Oceanair Skysol Pleated Blind
PSH Parts - 1999-Present - Oceanair Portshade
RSH Parts - 1995-Present - Oceanair Railshade
RSS Parts - 2002-Present - Oceanair Recessed Skyscreen
SFSS Parts - 2002-2022 - Oceanair Surface Skyscreen
SPA Parts - 2010-Present - Oceanair Surface Skyscreen Pleated
SRS Parts - 2013-Present - Oceanair Skyscreen Roller Surface MK3
VR/RB Parts - 1995-Present - Oceanair Venetian & Roller Blinds