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Tamaya Spica Sextant Tamaya Spica Sextant

Tamaya Spica Sextant
Model: MS 733

$2,252.99 $1,899.99 Captain's Price!
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Proven over many years use by ocean navigators, the Tamaya Spica features a special rubber eye protector and full illumination on both the arc and the drum. Interchangeable telescopes are available in 4 x 40mm, or 7 x 35mm. The sextant can be stored in its fitted case with either scope mounted.


  • Measuring Range:-5 degrees to 125 degrees.
  • Accuracy: +/- 10 seconds.
  • Telescopes: 4 x 40mm, angle of view 7 degrees, relative brightness 100. 7 x 35mm, angle of view 6.5 degrees, relative brightness 25.
  • Coated optics.
  • Frame: Lightweight die-cast aluminum alloy with corrosion resistant black finish. Bronze arc.
  • Vernier scale reads to 0.2 minutes.
  • Index mirror: 57mm x 42mm aluminized on the back.
  • Horizon Mirror: 57mm diameter.
  • Shades: 4 for index mirror, 3 for horizon mirror, One shade glass and one polarized glass for telescope eyepiece.
  • Molded plastic carrying case with slide locks.

Options and Accessories
Product SKU Captain's Price Options Qty
3.5 X 40 Scope only
(WP) 70 005
Tamaya 4 x 40 Scope
(WP) 330
Tamaya 7 X 35 Monocular Scope only
(WP) 331