Daddi Long Legs Repel-a-Bird


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Tired of heading down to the docks ready to enjoy a nice day on your boat only to have the first words out of your mouth to be “OH CRAP!” and you mean it literally? Your beautiful boat now resembles  a bio-hazard covered in smelly, sticky bird droppings. Beyond the visual mess, bird droppings pose a serious health hazard to you, your family and your guests. Bird droppings are also highly corrosive; discoloring paint, boat finishes, decking and canvas.  The longer bird droppings are left on surfaces, the greater the damage and the harder it is to remove.
But now the Battle of the Bird Poop can be won!

The Daddi Long Legs Repel-a-Bird is a spider like bird deterrent that requires no power of any kind. Twelve stainless steal rods reach out to cover an impressive amount of space to deter almost any type of bird. The Daddi Long Legs Repel-a-Bird is incredibly effective and can be placed on areas where other bird deterrent products can't.

The Daddi Long Legs Repel-a-Bird is inconspicuous from short distances and practically invisible from afar. It's unobtrusive design allows for use in even high visibility areas. The nearly invisible rods are thin enough for areas that may be affected by shadow such as solar panel installations. The stainless steel rods rotate in the breeze and wave menacingly interfering with birds' wings as they try to land.

Use with the Universal Mounting Base (sold separately) Sand filled Sunbrella canvas bag to temporarily mount on biminis, sail covers, cabins or decks.

Perfect for repelling Sea Gulls, Terns, Cormorants and Larger Birds.

Great for cars, patio furniture, play areas, lamp posts, security cameras, chimneys, roofs or anywhere that you want to keep bird free.

Daddi Long Legs
The rods of the Daddi Long Legs Repel-a-Bird spin and flex to deter birds from landing on your boat.

Materials: Plastic-tipped, stainless steel rods with a Delrin base.
Ease of Installation: Easy. The Delrin base of this bird repellent is screwed or glued to most surfaces.


  • Long lasting, humane bird control product
  • Deters gulls, pigeons & other large problem birds from hard-to-protect areas
  • Easily glued or screwed to any substrate
  • Delrin base is highly resistant to U.V. rays
  • Stainless steel rods are durable and plastic-tipped to prevent injury
  • Center spindle is detachable for easy maintenance access
  • Inconspicuous and practically invisible
  • Available in 4', 6' and 8'

Options and Accessories
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Repel-a-Bird Universal Mounting Base $26.95