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tm1.jpg SCAD TM1 Solo Tank Monitor Kit w/Panel & Sensor

SCAD TM1 Solo Tank Monitor Kit w/Panel & Sensor
Model: 10040

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NEW SCAD TM1 SOLO Tank Monitor
Monitors 1 Sensor on 1 Tank

The NEW SCAD TM1 Solo tank monitor has arrived. The totally redesigned TM1 single tank monitor now has a footprint of only 2.25" x 2.25" and requires only a small 1/2" hole making for simple installation even in the smallest of spaces. But don't let the TM1's small size fool you. It is packed with great features including touchpad display, LED readouts, visual and external audio (optional) alarm functionality and built in calibration software. 

Basic Features:

  • Panel will monitor liquid level on 1 tank.
  • Panel size: 2.25" x 2.25"
  • Cutout: 1/2"
  • Power: 12 Volt DC
  • Includes Sensor. Select Tank Type (Water - with Empty Alert / Holding - with Full Alert)
  • Data is displayed as a 9 position LED bar graph..
  • Simple to install, setup and operate.
  • Compatible with both capacitve level sensors and 240-33 Ohm float sensors.
  • Features our exclusive EZ-Profile software algorithm which corrects for odd tank shape and sensor type.
  • Optional autonomous monitoring and Tank Full alert light

The NEW TM1 Solo tank monitor attaches its sensor to the outside of your plastic or composite holding tank. It's a foil tape that connects to the neat looking 2.25"x 2.25" TM1 Solo display panel. Locate this nice looking little display panel anywhere. (Over the toilet in the head is our suggestion) You will now know at a glance your holding tank's level of fill.

Since our tank sensor tapes to the outside of your plastic holding tank it can't be fouled and is really easy to install. Just cut it to the vertical length of your tank and set the empty and full calibration points on the Solo's panel memory. You set it once and it's locked in to its memory.

We also have a sensor that fits inside a metal tank. This is a clog-proof floatless sensor that is simply cut to length to adapt to various size tanks.

The moment power is applied to the monitor, each light will quickly turn on and off as it boots up, after which it will be in normal operation. The monitor will automatically check for an alarm condition every few minutes.

To see the level of a tank, simply tap the touchpad. The level will display for 3 seconds. For continuous level display, tap the touchpad again within the initial 3 seconds. This is a handy feature for monitoring the level while filling or pumping out a tank.

Uses .001 Amps when your batteries are switched on and 0.00 Amps when your batteries are off.

Our tank monitor is compatible with nearly all sensor types available on the market today making it easy to retrofit into an existing tank system or to install new.

Alarm function: If the monitor is set to alarm on FULL, the F light will flash if the level is over 7/8. If the monitor is set to alarm on EMPTY, the E light will flash if the tank is below 1/8. An external alarm function is also available (alarms not included). During an alarm condition the orange wire on the harness is energized with battery voltage level capable of current up to 1 Amp which can power an indicator light, audible alarm or relay.

Note:  Includes your choice of sensor. Please select from product options above.

*NOTE: Capacitive level sensors will not work on gasoline or diesel. A mechanical float type sensor is required.

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