Solar Panel - Mounting Hardware

Solar panel mounts: Solar energy technology is growing fast. The options with solar panels are increasing every year, especially with newer light bodied metal units and flexible sewable plastic bases. AhoyCaptain specializes in providing mounting solutions for solar installations on the tops of dodgers and biminis.


Solar panel racks for glass topped panels:  There are two approaches – the first uses split or sliding side mounts to create exterior side rails between the bimini’s end frames. Then a pair of side to side bent rails go up and over the top and create the mounting platform.
Advantages – this frame does not touch the canvas and can be retrofitted without any fabric modifications. It provides good clearance and additional features such as a protective crash bar (think boom).
Disadvantages – it is very apparent and to some people not elegant enough. It also requires bent frames which will require a canvas shop’s assistance.

Method two uses our concave post style and transverse fork style mounts. These saddle fittings bolt on to the top of the frame, through the fabric. Rails running fore & aft create the base and then athwarship rails complete the frame if needed.  Advantages – a much cleaner look:  the entire rack is up on the roof and mostly hidden from view.  The entire installation can be made from off the shelf materials, entirely on the boat without assistance. 
Disadvantages – you will pin the fabric between the frame and the mounts and there is drilling and tapping involved.

Concave and Side Mounts for Solar Panel Installations: These saddle type mounts were originally intended for creating solar panel racks to mount on top of biminis and dodgers. It allows a cleaner finish to the frame; one that doesn’t draw attention to itself. We have also found them very useful as another style of mount for rooftop grab rails. They make another way for the DIY boat owner to do the job.

We like to see structure hidden wherever possible. The concave fork mounts are great for locating folding spreader bars (to tension fabric) underneath the roof, totally out of site. This method can also double as a set of grab rails on the underside of the roof of a bimini. Available for 7/8” & 1” tubing.tyle of mount for rooftop grab rails.