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5802.jpg SoliCharger-SP Portable Solar Charger

SoliCharger-SP Portable Solar Charger

MFG#: 5301

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SoliCharger-SP™ Solar Charger with High-Output Speakers and Rugged Case - ALL IN ONE!

Charge ANY phone, iPod® or MP3 player AND listen to music through the amplified speakers. Now you can watch movies on your iTouch®, iPad® and iPhone® without having to use headphones. No more being tethered to your screen! Also charges many handheld VHF and GPS units requiring a 5.5v USB power


The SoliCharger-SP is the complete answer for carrying and protecting your expensive iPhone® or iPod® as well as keeping it charged.  Plug in the speakers, turn on the power, and you have a great sounding tiny music system anywhere you go. 

The SoliCharger-SP is perfect on camping and backpacking trips, on canoes, sailboats and power boats, great for picnics and playhouses, up in tree houses or out on your deck, next to your bed, river raft and fishing trips—anywhere you want to keep your device charged and listen to some music without having to use headphones.

Share your music with your friends and keep your player charged at the same time.  The SoliCharger-SP is the perfect gift for all ages – and no batteries to replace!

This unique case, solar charger, amplified speaker system works with virtually any iPhone®, iPod®, cell phone, MP3 player, and even Sony PlayStation®.  You can charge the internal lithium ion battery in any of four ways: using a 110v adapter, using a 12v adapter, through the USB port on your computer, or by using clean, green solar power.  Then use the stored power to charge your device and/or plug it into the amplified speakers for amazing sound from such a small package.  Perfect for traveling, camping, boating, or anywhere you want music or need a cell phone charge.

  • Charges virtually any cell phone or music player
  • Sturdy lightweight (9 oz.) Cordura® case holds your phone or player and all adapters
  • Large solar panel puts out 70mA of power in full sunlight
  • LED on panel lights up whenever the unit is charging
  • 1,500mAh internal LiOn battery holds enough power to fully charge virtually any phone or player
  • Plug into your iPad™ or laptop computer for amplified sound
  • Internal battery charges in under an hour from a power source
  • Will fully charge most phones in under an hour.
  • Includes all cables, connectors and adapters
  • Charges many handheld GPS units requiring 5.5v USB power
  • Includes 32 pin Apple®, USB, USB Mini, and USB micro adapters
  • Weighs just 9 oz.
5802-1.jpg 5802-2.jpg 5802-3.jpg 5802-4.jpg
Holds your phone or player
and all adapters
Listen to music anywhere
without headphones.
Charges virtually any
cell phone or music player.
Perfect gift for all ages.