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Tiller Pilots

Although nothing replaces a vigilant watch, an autopilot on your sailboat is steadier and more dependable than another hand aboard. It doesn't grow tired, is unflinching in accuracy, and lets you know if there is a problem. When shorthanded, it will maintain your course while you attend to the chores and routine of living afloat.

A comment from the owner of AhoyCaptain: On several single-handed offshore hops I've made on my Vega 27, the quiet intermittent whirring of an older Autohelm Tillerpilot was a comforting reminder that all was well. The newer tiller pilot autopilots provide powerful thrust, quick hard-over times, are weatherproof and accept electronic navigational input.

These packaged units come with all components pre-figured for standard installations.

Raymarine ST1000 Plus Tiller Pilot

MFG#: A12004


$499.99 $488.95 Captain's Price!
Out Of Stock

Raymarine ST2000 Plus Tiller Pilot

MFG#: A12005


$599.99 $585.95 Captain's Price!

Raymarine Cantilever Mounting Socket

MFG#: D031