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Boat Outfitting - Trailer Winches

Winches are designed to load and unload boats, not to hold boats in place on the trailer. A bad bump in the road may cause the winch to release. To prevent mishaps, use separate tie-downs.

When using hand winches, be sure to get secure footing and proper leverage - many accidents occur every year from handles that kick back.

To minimize shoulder and back strain, try an electric winch. These power your boat onto the trailer easily and leave you with a free hand to guide the boat.

Choose a winch that has a capacity rating of at least half the combined weight of your boat, motor, and gear. Most trailers have a standard winch assembly bolt pattern, so if your winch is inadequate, you can replace it easily.

When choosing a winch please note that the approximate boat length is juts a general guideline. Some boats by their design and construction  (in addition to factors such as gasoline capacity, pounds of ice, fish , and other items) may drastically increase the overall weight of the boat. Additionally, winches are designed to pull weight, not length. To be sure you're selecting the proper winch you should find out your boat's weight and estimate its overall payload (gear, fuel, water, etc.)

To avoid chafe on the winch line, be sure it doesn't rub against any sharp edges on the winch stand or trailer. If frayed or worn spots appear, replace the winch line immediately with a new rope, strap, or cable of the proper type, size, and strength.

Fulton F2 Trailer Winch 2,000 lbs. w/Strap
Model: FW20000101

$240.11 $147.95 Captain's Price!

Fulton F2 Trailer Winch 3,200 lbs. - 2-Speed w/Strap
Model: FW32000101

$322.73 $198.95 Captain's Price!

Fulton 2" x 20' Heavy Duty Winch Strap and Hook - 4,000 lbs. Max Load
Model: WS20HD0600


Fulton 3/16" x 25' Galvanized Winch Cable - 4,200 lbs. Breaking Strength
Model: WC325 0100


Fulton Single Wheel Jack - 1200 lbs. Capacity
Model: TJ12000101


Powerwinch 712A Trailer Winch
Model: P77712

$549.99 $497.00 Captain's Price!

Powerwinch 912 Trailer Winch
Model: P77912

$593.99 $532.00 Captain's Price!

Powerwinch 915 Trailer Winch
Model: P77915

$879.99 $774.00 Captain's Price!

Powerwinch RC30 Trailer Winch
Model: P55950

$736.60 $508.95 Captain's Price!

Powerwinch RC23 Trailer Winch
Model: P55750

$511.44 $460.95 Captain's Price!

Powerwinch Quick Catch Pot Puller
Model: P77769

$659.99 $614.95 Captain's Price!

Powerwinch Universal Bumper Wiring Kit 6' f/Trailer Winches
Model: P7702101AJ


Powerwinch Male Plug f/ 712A 912 915 T2400 T4000 T3200PO ST712 BH12 SH12HBM AP3500
Model: P7810500AJ


Powerwinch Socket f/ 712A 912 915 T2400 T4000 T3200PO ST712 BH12 SH12HBM AP3500
Model: P7810300AJ


Powerwinch Wiring Harness 60A f/ 712A 912 915 T2400 T4000 T3200PO AP3500
Model: P7830201AJ

$108.63 $67.95 Captain's Price!

Powerwinch Thrust Bearing Kit f/ 712A 912 T2400 T4000 ST712 VS190 AP3500
Model: P7160901AJ


Powerwinch Circuit Breaker 30A f/ 215 315 T1650 AP1500
Model: P7837200AJ


Powerwinch Switch f/ 712A 912 915 T2400 T4000 T3200PO ST712
Model: P7811700AJ


Powerwinch Emergency Hand Crank f/All Powerwinch Models
Model: P5594700AJ


Powerwinch Clutch Knob f/RC30 & RC23
Model: P5591000AJ



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