Marine Plumbing & Ventilation - Washdown / Pressure Pumps

Seagull Poop. Anchor Muck. Fish Guts. We All Know Boats Get Dirty. Yet There's Water All Around, So Why Not Use Some?

Washdown systems may not be on everyone's list of critical equipment to have on a boat, but they sure can come in handy. Whether hosing down the anchor rode as it comes aboard, cleaning fish gore out of the cockpit or spraying off the latest osprey deposit on the cabin top, a washdown system makes life easier and a lot more pleasant and it is something most boaters can install themselves.

Washdowns, for the uninitiated, are pump-driven plumbing systems that supply sea water from a thru-hull to a hose on deck that can be used for - you guessed it - washing things off. They are commonly found near anchor lockers, bait wells and swim platforms, but can actually be located almost anywhere.

If you have a simple system on a small boat, it can usually be installed in a day, provided you have scoped out the system, know where the components will be located and have all the needed parts on hand.

Have questions about installing a Washdown System on your boat? Call us - we'll be glad to help.


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