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Xantrex Freedom SW2524 230V Sine Wave Inverter/Charger - 2500W Xantrex Freedom SW2524 230V Sine Wave Inverter/Charger - 2500W

Xantrex Freedom SW2524 230V Sine Wave Inverter/Charger - 2500W
Model: 815-2524-02

$2,200.00 $1,612.95 Captain's Price!
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Freedom SW2524 230V Sine Wave Inverter/Charger - 2500W

The Freedom SW 230V Inverter/Charger is a true sine wave inverter/charger that can be used for mobile, marine and commercial applications. The Freedom SW 230V Inverter/Chargers are designed to operate with a wide variety of generators and are capable of operating in parallel with a generator for short durations to assist with starting large loads. The Freedom SW 230V is a charger, and transfer switch in one electronic device.


  • As an inverter, the Freedom SW 230V provides true sine wave power for your microwave, entertainment system, computer, and other loads. This power is identical to the AC source provided from the utility grid (power company)
  • Some of the benefits of true sine wave power include consistent cooking in your microwave, handling of sensitive loads such as your TV set, dimmer switches, and appliances with speed controls
  • Highly versatile platform capable parallel stacking to increase power levels
  • High efficiency true sine wave output to power sensitive electrical and electronic equipment
  • Surge capacity to start difficult loads like well pumps, refrigerators, or A/C compressors
  • Power factor-corrected (PFC) input minimizes AC input current required for charging, increasing AC pass-through capacity
  • As a 24-volt charger, it has high output, multi-stage charging capability minimizing charging time

""Warning""WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Diisononly Phthalate (DINP) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to


  • Waveform: True Sine Wave
  • Voltage - Inverter Output: 230v
  • Voltage - Inverter Input: 24v
  • Voltage - Charger Input: 230v
  • Power - Surge Rating: 5000w
  • Outlet Qty: Optional
  • Banks: 1
  • Amps - Output: 65A

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