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Seitech Launching Dollies

The hassle-free way to get your boat in and out of the water

Seitech Launching Dollies offer the perfect storage and transportation solutions for your needs. Storing, transporting, and launching single or multiple small boats is made easy and safe with a Seitech dolly, storage rack or trailer rack. Seitech Dollies are available for canoes, sailboats, aluminum boats, inflatable boats, dories, skiffs, and rowing shells.

CONSTRUCTION: Seitech dollies are made from anodized aluminum and designed to be used in both salt and fresh water. Boat friendly engineered plastic joint components are through-bolted with stainless steel fasteners for a secure fit. Easily assembled, the Seitech dolly can be car-topped or broken down for auto trunk storage. Made of lightweight aluminum, the average weight is only 28 lbs.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Computer aided designs provide the perfect fit for most small boats. Seitech dollies support the hull with one or two 3" wide polyester slings that easily conform to its shape and provide even support without pinching. Seitech dollies are recommended for boats with a gross weight under 500 pounds.

BALANCE: Seitech strives to keep the "handle weight" at 10-15 pounds as well as having the boat's center of gravity correctly balanced. This "balanced" feel of a Seitech dolly is one of our most important features, and is the result of years of experience designing specific dollies for specific boats.

STRENGTH: Round cornered structural graded aluminum and reinforced through-bolted plastic joints will hold boats or other items up to 500 pounds.

DURABILITY: Anodized aluminum and UV protected plastic joints hold up to the elements and repeated use for years to come.

RUGGED: Dolly tires have tubeless ATV knobby tread pneumatic wheels with low friction Delrin® needle bearings for easy rolling on all surfaces.

FAST & EASY ASSEMBLY: With through-bolted joint components assembly is easy and does not require welding or special equipment.

We carry the complete line of Parts and Accessories for your Seitech Dolly.

Check out our Frequently Asked Question page to find out more about our Seitech Launching Dollies

Seitech Dolly Configurations

Configuration 1 is the most standard dolly. Most customizations start with this model. This dolly is used for the Pico 470, Hunter 90 and small inflatables. Seitech Dolly Config 1

Configuration 2 is specialized for the Laser, Byte and Gig Harbor 16'. It has 3 point gunwale support (bow support bracket & two side stabilizer brackets). This is especially handy when rigging in the wind.

Seitech Dolly Config 2
Configuration 4 has another style bow support bracket to fit a more pointed bow. Fits the Sunfish, Zuma, Laser 2, JY 14&15, Force 5 and other boats that require a bit more bow support.

Seitech Dolly Config 4

Configuration 5 has double centerline tubes. This dolly is generally for heavier boats.

Seitech Dolly Config 5

Configuration 6 was made for the Optimist. It includes a special bow support bracket.
Configuration 6S doesn't have the Optimist bow support bracket and is for flat bottom boats.

Cpnfiguration 6

Configuration 7 is the next most standardized and fits boats u to 250 pounds. Designed for the Club 420, Europe Dinghy and Interclub dinghy. Much like Configuration 1 except it is for boats with a more vertical (plumb) bow.

Seitech Dolly Config 7

Configurations 8 is for for heavier boats. It has a single centerline tube with V-brackets, twin slings, 2 axles and four wheels - something to keep in mind when upgrading wheel sizes. Fits boats like the Flying Dutchman.

Seitech Dolly Config 8

Configurations 9 are for the heaviest boats - over 350 pounds. It has twin centerline tubes, twin slings and a keel support tube at the bow. 2 axles and have 4 wheels - something to keep in mind when upgrading wheel sizes. Fits large inflatables or sailboats like the Hunter 170.

Seitech Dolly Config 9

Configuration 10 replaces the sling with rub rails on the axle and a second cross tube support forward, also with rub rails. This is for use with flat bottom boats with a flared bow like pedal boats and cathedral hulled boats.



Configuration 12 is the Trailer Mover designed to move boat trailers over short distances by hand. Maximum net weight allowed is 800 pounds.

Seitech Dolly Config 10, Trainler Mover

Configuration 13 is used mostly for flat bottom, square bow fishing boats. There is no sling and the low bunks are designed to fit boats like Jon boats.

Seitech Dolly Config 13

Configuration 14 is also know as a Bunk Dolly. For when you must have a narrow wheelbase to get through narrow spaces in your launching area.

Seitech Dolly Config 14

Configuration 15 - is a standard catamaran dolly. It has no sling or bunks. The wheels sit inside of the hulls. Fits boats like the Hobie 15 thru 18 and the Tornado.

Seitech Dolly Config 15 for Catamarans

Configuration 17 - is a special dolly for A-Class catamarans that require specific cradles. The cradles are molded and mounted by the customer to provide an exact fit.

Config. 17 no handle

No Handle

Config. 17 with handle
With handle

Configuration 18 - is an outrigger dolly designed to fit any kind of canoe or outrigger longer than 25 feet. There is no handle. The boat is manauvered by pulling the boat itself.

Outrigger Dolly Configuration 18

Configuration 21 - for Escape's Cha Cha

Config. 21 for Escape's Cha Cha

Configuration 22 - is designed for tri-marans like the Windrider 17. The boats bow does not allow for an upright handles.

Seitech Dolly Config 22

Configuration 23 - is designed for tri-marans like the Windrider 16 that allow for an upright handles.

Seitech Dolly Config 23

Wheel choices & sizes - All wheels have low friction Delrin needle bearings and knobby ATV tubeless tires for easy rolling on all surfaces.

A wheels measure 15"x4" - Standard on most models
B wheels measure 16"x6" - NO LONGER OFFERED
Fat wheels measure 18"x9.5" - Optional

How to choose your Seitech Dolly:
  1. Use the pull down menu to look for your boat model, such as BAUER 12, 5-12068
    Here's an explanation of the part number: 5-12068. The first digit "5" is the configuration type; the next three digits "120" is the dolly length; the next two digits "68" is the axle width. So 5-12068 is a Configuration 5 that is 120 inches long and with a 68 inch axle.
  2. Next, decide if you want to upgrade to FAT Wheels.
  3. Finally, click on the Add to Cart button to proceed to check out.

Check out our Frequently Asked Question page to find out more about our Seitech Launching Dollies

If you don't see a dolly for your boat give us a call. We'll find it for you.
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We carry the complete line of Parts and Accessories for your Seitech Dolly.

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