Cabin & Galley - Barbecues

Barbecuing on a boat or on the beach is an integral part of the boating experience. There is nothing quite like dropping anchor in a serene cove and firing up the grill to conclude the day with a fine meal. Marine barbecues have become standard issue on cruising boats but are becoming essential on day-use boats as well.

A good barbecue, whether it is fueled by gas or charcoal, is a must. They are also handy for providing extra cooking capacity if the galley has to deal with an onslaught of hungry guests. Mounted on the stern rail or the gunwale, they are ready at a momentÆs notice. They have domes and lids for more energy efficiency and better control of the cooking temperature and they are easy to operate and clean.

If you are using a small kettle style grill and just donÆt have enough room, consider one of our larger rectangular grills. We have plenty of great choices available whether you are new to onboard barbecuing or just need to replace your old burned-out unit. New marine barbecues are more durable, safer to operate, and give more reliable cooking control. Some great features, like piezo ignition, slide-out grease trays, warming racks, double-lined cases, and lids that stay put, make the current generation of grills easy and fun to use. DonÆt forget to buy a cover, the right mount, and some stainless cookware or utensils.