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Blue Sea Systems

Blue Sea Systems is committed to the improvement of marine electrical products and systems. Blue Sea wants to satisfy their distributors, dealers and ultimately the retail customer by designing and manufacturing electrical products engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment. Since Blue Sea greatly respects the sea and the craft that travel on it, the quality of their products is Blue Sea's primary concern.

ACRs.jpg Blue Sea Automatic Charging Relays

battery_switches.jpg Blue Sea Battery Management

busbars_connectors_ins.jpg Blue Sea Busbars, Connectors & Insulators

circuit_breakers.jpg Blue Sea Circuit Breakers

panels.jpg Blue Sea Electrical Panels

fuse_block_fuses.jpg Blue Sea Fuse Blocks & Fuses

metering_meter_accessories.jpg Blue Sea Metering & Meter Accessories

panel_accessories_labels.jpg Blue Sea Panel Accessories & Labels

switches.jpg Blue Sea Switches