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Brownell Boat Racks

For use with Fork Lifts and Hydraulic Trailers is pleased to introduce Brownell Boat Racks. Essentially, these racks are utilized for wash downs and service at dry stack yards which utilize forklifts in their operations. Some of the yards even winterize on these racks. Brownell power boat stands can be used for additional stability. They are easily stored out of the way when not in use, unlike the cumbersome wash racks which are currently in use in many places. The bow unit is universal. The stern unit is available in two widths and can accommodate most boats.

Additionally, there is broad application at dealers and yards that may want to shore up a boat even more quickly than they could by using four boat stands and keel stands/blocking. Boats can be placed on the racks using hydraulic trailers, as well.

Use Brownell Boat Stands to stabilize the vessel.

  • For boats up to 40 ft and 13,000 lbs displacement
  • For use with Fork Lifts and Hydraulic Trailers
  • Ideal for wash downs and service at Dry Stack Facilities
  • Fast and efficient
  • Compact for storage when not in use
  • Use Brownell Boat Stands for additional stability
  • Made in the USA from 100% American steel
Item # Description Weight Dimensions
Width x Height x Depth

Boat Rack for Bow

67 lbs.(30 kg)

24.5” x 30” x 26” (62 cm x 76 cm x 66 cm)


36” Boat Rack for Stern

73 lbs.(33 kg)

36” x 30” x 31” (91 cm x 76 cm x 79 cm)


41" Boat Rack for Stern

77 lbs.(35 kg)

41.5” x 30” x 31” (105 cm x 76 cm x 79 cm)