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Brownell Boat Stands

When it comes to boat stands the choice is clear - Brownell Boat Stands.
Brownell offers the finest quality and the most experience in the industry. Since David "Fred" Brownell started his inland boat yard in 1954, which led to the invention of the Hydraulic Trailers and Boat Stands, Brownell has dedicated itself to manufacturing highly reliable and efficient boat handling equipment. Brownell is the largest manufacturer of boat stands in the world.

When you purchase Brownell Boat Stands, you will have peace of mind knowing that your stands have been built by the family that invented the concept, uses it themselves, and as a result, knows your needs inside and out.

AhoyCaptain is proud to be an Authorized Distributor for Brownell Boat Stands since 1998.

Made With Pride In The USA USA.gif From 100% American Steel

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Brownell Boat Stands for Sailboats
Model: (BR) SBStands - Group

Brownell Boat Stands for Powerboats
Model: (BR) PBStands - Group

Brownell Foldable Maxi Sailboat Stands w/ Integral Ladder
Model: (BR) MaxiStands - Group

Foldable Maxi Stands w/ Integral Ladder

Brownell Staging Equipment
Model: (BR) Staging_Equipment - Group

Safe, stable un-obstructed work platform

Brownell Boat Racks
Model: (BR) BoatRacks - Group

For use with Fork Lifts and Hydraulic Trailers

Brownell Keel Stands
Model: (BR) KeelStands - Group

A fast,labor saving alternative to blocks

Brownell Safety Chain
Model: (BR) SafetyChain - Group

Prevent stands from sliding

Brownell Wooden Keel Blocks
Model: (BR) Keel_Blocks - Group

Treated and Untreated pine keel blocks.

Brownell Wedge Stands
Model: (BR) Wedge_Stands - Group

Use on trailers and cradles

Brownell Replacement Tops
Model: (BR) ReplacementTops - Group

Pad, Handle & Shaft - Flat or Vee

Brownell Replacement Plywood Pads
Model: (BR) ReplacementPads - Group

Non-abrasive plywood pads with hardware

Model: BD2

$627.30 $489.95 Captain's Price!