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Fiorentino Para-Anchors

Storm Insurance For Your Boat
The Offshore Parachute Sea Anchor and the Coastal Parachute Sea Anchor are the latest breakthrough in advanced para-anchor technology. Fiorentino parachute sea anchors are engineered by real-life offshore experts. Produced with exceptional quality, each para-anchor is meticulously manufactured and inspected by master riggers before every shipment. Fiorentino parachute sea anchors deliver the type of performance and reliability that you would expect from your offshore and coastal survival equipment.

Protect your investment.
Keep changing winds, sea conditions, mechanical breakdowns, exhaustion, fatigue, illness or just the "unexpected" from taking your boat and crew by surprise. Take the helm and deploy a Fiorentino Para-Anchor before that rogue wave makes the choice for you!

Available in coastal and offshore configurations.

Rated "The Best" by Sail Magazine in a parachute sea anchor comparison

  "...After we had done our research, we selected a 12' Fiorentino Para Anchor.  It met our cost, weight and storage requirements, and we liked the design of the hardware, the materials and the construction methods used in the canopy.
-Sail Magazine

Fiorentino Offshore Anchor w/ Para-Ring

Life insurance for your boat.

Fiorentino Coastal Anchor w/ Para-Ring

Life insurance for your boat.

Fiorentino Para-Anchor Deployment Rode

The Toughest Double Braid Rode Available

Fiorentino Fast-PAK Stowage System

Perfect Stowage System

Fiorentino Para-Anchor Pendant Line

Balance and stabilize your boat when heaving to.

Fiorentino Para-Anchor Trip Line


Fast Retrieval Every Time

Fiorentino RodeRap Chafe Guards

The toughest chafe guard system you'll ever own.