Whatever your refrigeration needs, there’s a simple, efficient Frigoboat system readily available for easy installation on your boat.

Until now, 12/24v DC powered marine refrigerators were inefficient, resulting in high power consumption, or very complex, requiring expensive compressors, holding plates, fans, pumps and engine driven components. Frigoboat, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of marine refrigeration and air conditioning systems, has changed the rules with its highly efficient compressors and ingenious "keel cooler" system. Convert your ice box in to an always-cold box with Frigoboat's easy to install components. All come pre-charged with R134a, so it's a simple matter of plug-and-play. No more warm beer or time-wasting searches for ice!

Now there’s no reason you’ll ever have to be without cool drinks and fresh food on your boat. You can depend on a Frigoboat refrigerator system to keep everything cool!

Design your System: all Frigoboat components come precharged - it's all plug-and-play!

Step 1: Choose the right size evaporator plate for your refrigerator or freezer box based on the ice-box cubic foot size (LxWxH)
            Example: 18"x20"x38"=13,680", then divide by 1728 (12x12x12) =7.9 cu ft).

Step 2: Choose the compressor/condenser - air cooled, pumped water cooled, or keel cooled

Step 3: Choose the thermostat - mechanical or digital

Step 4: Choose accessories, including an upgrade to automatic compressor speed control for ultimate hands free energy efficiency.

Frigoboat Marine Refrigeration does away with the hassles of choosing and the complications of maintaining a marine refrigeration system. Most importantly Frigoboat marine refrigeration systems are quiet and dependable refrigeration systems that will keep your perishables fresh and your drinks cold. Listed below are the key advantages of the Frigoboat line of marine refrigeration.

  • 12/24V D.C. Operation for Sail and Power Vessels
  • Versatile "MIX 'n MATCH" Design Allows the Most Efficient Choice of Compressor, Evaporators and Condensors
  • "KEEL COOLER" Eliminates Moving Parts and Raw Water Entering Boat
  • "KEEL COOLER" Saves up to 25% in Power Consumption
  • "KEEL COOLER" is Super Quiet - No Pumps! No Fans! No Noise!
  • Latest Generation Danfoss Compressors Consume up to 25% Less Energy
  • For Refrigerators up to 20 cu. ft.
  • For Freezers up to 10 cu. ft.
  • Two sizes of compressors (BD 35 & BD 50) for any application.

Because Frigoboat offers the most technologically advanced line of marine refrigeration on the market today, boaters can save up to 50% of power consumption! Frigoboat systems are competitively priced and generally cost less than the inefficient systems that they were designed to replace.

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