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Oceanair Shades & Screens

Dometic Oceanair is the world's No. 1 supplier of shade and screen solutions for boats from the smallest cruiser to ships for royalty. There is an Oceanair solution for any hatch, port light or window on any vessel. We carry a range of standard products complemented by an entirely custom based shade and screen capability - so whether you require a simple shade for your port light or a silk motorized remote control Roman blind we have the solution.

sfss.jpg Oceanair Skyscreen Surface - SFSS

Oceanair Roller Surface 2 Oceanair Skyscreen Roller Surface - SRS

Dometic Oceanair Skyscreen Roller Recessed Oceanair Skyscreen Recessed - RSS

Oceanair-Hatchshade-HSH2.jpg Oceanair Skyshade Hatchshade - HSH2

RailShade.jpg Oceanair Railshade - RSH

Dometic Oceanair Cabinshade Oceanair Skyshade Cabinshade - CSH

Oceanair-Portshade-PSH.jpg Oceanair Skyshade PortShade - PSH

pls.jpg Oceanair Skysol Pleatedshade - PLS

Oceanair Parts & Spares Oceanair Parts & Spares