Spotless Stainless

Spotless Stainless is the simplest and most effective way to remove rust and the "surface iron" that causes rust from Stainless Steel.

Brush on, wait 30 minutes, rinse and enjoy steel that sparkles!

Spotless Stainless is not a polish and is non-abrasive. Brush it on! Wait 30 minutes! Rinse it off! No Rubbing, No Scrubbing, No Polishing!

Easily cleans and brightens those hard to reach places that traditional polish can't reach.

Spotless Stainless will not harm other surfaces (gelcoat, paint, varnish, canvas or clothing) however, it is important to test a sample area before application.

Spotless Stainless is environmentally safe and releases no fumes and contains no caustic acids.

Spotless Stainless is different!

How it Works

1. Spotless Stainless removes the rust (iron oxide) and surface iron that causes rust.

2. After rinsing away Spotless StainlessÖ an oxidation process begins with the exposed chromium in the stainless steel to form Chromium Oxide.

3. Chromium oxide is what protects stainless steel and makes stainless steel stain less.

4. Spotless StainlessÖ is environmentally friendly (No Phosphoric Acid - No Phosphates) removes rust and restores Stainless Steel's protective layer.

Stainless Steel Rust Remover and Protector is the first environmentally friendly product available to the marine industry that restores Stainless Steel's protective layer and will make your Stainless Steel SPARKLE!

Spotless Stainless is Easy to Use - No Rubbing, No Scrubbing, No Polishing

Spotless Stainless
Remove Dirt, Salt, Oil or Wax
(Vinegar & Water Works Great)

Spotless Stainless
Brush Spotless Stainless On.
Wait 30 Minutes

Spotless Stainless
Rinse Surface Off
for a Bright New Shine

What our customers are saying..

The stainless on our bowsprit, which had been heavily rusted from 24 years of neglect looked just like new. ... I am absolutely amazed - even the welds, which had been solidly rusted over, were mostly clean, and a second application took care of those as well. I am impressed by how easy the application process is and how thoroughly everything seems to clean up. Even the solidly rusted ball sockets at the base of my davits cleaned up bright and shiny. And the brushed finish on our bobstay--a breeding ground for crevice corrosion--cleaned-up to look like brand new metal.
Dave, Coastal North Carolina

To my TOTAL amazement this product works just like it says it does. Our stainless looked bad.... lots of stains and rust, now it looks amazing. Now the good part... you put it on with a brush, I waited 15 minutes, then put on another coat, waited 15 minutes and hosed off. The results were truly amazing. The stainless looks better than the places that I had spent hours with polishes and cleaners.
Jay, South Florida

I am thrilled about your product. It is the best stainless cleaner I have seen in 40 years of being around boats and saltwater. I will be ordering more soon. Nice to find a product that performs as advertised. Thanks.
Sailboat, West Coast Florida

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