Trailex Trailers and Dollies

Why does AhoyCaptain sell only Trailex All Aluminum Trailers?
Forty years ago Trailex was the first American company to manufacture and design an all aluminum trailer. Today, Trailex is still the only manufacturer in the world to produce a non-welded, extruded aluminum anodized trailer. Their use of special alloyed aluminum extrusions, permit the reduction of weight by as much as 50 percent from typical galvanized trailers. Trailex's unique aluminum extrusions have a long lasting anodized finish that is virtually maintenance free. The Trailex patented "T" bolt also makes our trailers easily and completely adjustable. Replacement of damaged parts for our Trailex All Aluminum Trailers is simple and inexpensive compared to our steel trailer competitors. The options AhoyCaptain offers for our Trailex trailer line are designed to fit any customer requirements.
That's why AhoyCaptain sells Trailex All Aluminum Trailers and ONLY Trailex All Aluminum Trailers.