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For over 50 years, Plastimo has been designing, manufacturing and distributing quality marine equipment. Unique in the marine industry, Plastimo offers a comprehensive range of over 11,000 products, of which more than half are designed and manufactured in Lorient, France factory and distributed globally by over 6,000 dealers in almost 100 countries. That means that no matter where you wander in this world, chances are you'll find a Plastimo dealer nearby.

manta_gal.jpg Anchoring & Docking

10302 Compasses & Navigation

Plumbing Plumbing

58352 Safety

cool_n_dry_vents.jpg Ventilation

61727 Plastimo Deck Hardware

Plastimo Life Rafts Plastimo Life Rafts

16448.jpg Plastimo Regatta Bouys

58204 Plastimo Rigging