Winterizing - Oil Change Systems

Engine manufacturers typically recommend an oil change every 100 hours, and at least once a year. Even if your engine manual allows for a longer interval between oil changes, changing the oil more often will extend the life of the engine. Dirty oil sitting idle becomes destructive to the internal surfaces of the engine. If your boat will be idle for a while-over the winter it is imperative to remove the contaminated oil and fill the engine with clean oil.

Unfortunately regular oil changes are more often the exception rather than the rule, mainly because changing the oil in a boat engine can be a difficult and messy job. While it takes only a minute to drain the oil from an automobile engine, the oil drain plug in a boat is most often either out of reach or non-existent. And even where the plug is accessible, there is usually inadequate space beneath the engine for a container to catch the draining oil.

The trick to hassle-free oil changing is to find a method that works for your engine installation. Many marine engines simply don't have a drain plug, or it is too inaccessible even for a hose connection. Draining the oil from these engines requires a pump to suck it out through the dipstick tube.

Simple, safe and sanitary the oil change system makes a messy job sure and easy. Simply install the oil probe in the engine oil dipstick tube, attach the battery clips and flip a switch. Oil is safely and neatly removed and stored in the easy to carry container.


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