Winter Storage Tarps

Green Poly Tarps are heavy-duty and longer lasting than the less expensive blue tarps. When considering the best tarps to cover your boat, the green heavy-duty ones are the best options. They are designed to hold up to the coldest temperatures and effectively cover your boat. The heavy-duty tarps have grommets spaced out every thirty-six inches so they can be securely tied down, providing good protection from most weather conditions. You could use the less expensive blue lighter weight poly tarps with grommets but they are not meant to last as long for this type of coverage and are meant for light duty uses. They would be more useful when you only need enough cover to protect your boat for short periods, like in the summer when you use your boat frequently. However, during the winter months, you will want the protection that can be provided by the green heavy-duty tarpaulins.

Blue Poly Tarps are just about the best lightweight and economical storage you can buy.  These tarps work well for light protection for short periods. They are also easy to cover and uncover your boat and fold away when not in use. During the summer months when you are using your boat a lot, this is what you need. Poly tarps are ideally suited for this type of use but not for the long term storage you need over the winter off-season. For this, you need the heavier duty protection of the green tarpaulins.

The cost effectiveness of poly tarps is demonstrated in that they can be purchased in various sizes, do not need to be a custom fit to your boat and they provide a UV inhibitor that protects against solar damage. Using them during the summer is an ideal alternative to providing protection for your boat in a convenient way.